Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Commercial Water Loss

This commercial water loss for a furniture store located in Huntington Beach, CA was the result of an electrical fire which caused the sprinkler system to be ac... READ MORE

Commercial Pool Clean up

This is a commercial water loss at a professional building located in Los Angeles, CA. Notice in the before picture the extent of the water damage; it affected ... READ MORE

Commercial clean up

As you can see in the before picture a studio called, Red Hour Films which is located in Los Angeles, CA suffered extensive water damage. It affected the entire... READ MORE

Retail space loss

This retail space located at the Hanover Olympic building in Downtown Los Angeles was damaged by water due to a pipe line that burst. As you can see in the befo... READ MORE

Commercial Properties

Commercial Properties are hard to deal with. City codes and lot of planning goes into these projects. The fire department was called to further inspect and make... READ MORE

Trash Collectibles

When a hoarder lives in a home unchecked this is what happens. Trash and other belongings build up and cause serous health problems. Living in a literal dump ha... READ MORE