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Why SERVPRO Testimonials

I am extremely impressed with the response time of SERVPRO of Cheviot Hills/Palms. I called explaining the emergency I had and within a matter of hours, John showed up to give me an estimate and tell me what's going to have to take place. They began working the following day and work very efficiently and quickly. 

I honestly couldn't have been happier with the outcome after SERVPRO came to fix a leak in my ceiling. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs emergency services. They are on time, fast and efficient.

Outstanding job done by John and his team. Very happy they had Spanish speakers it made things easier. Thank you for the help. Wonderful job. 

I was very impressed with SERVPRO of Cheviot Hills/Palms skill and expertise in what they do. They saw damage I didn't even notice in my own house. If I ever have water damage again I will certainly call them again. 

The men who came to my home to help fix my water damage in my bathroom were the kindest gentlemen I have ever met. When I was asking 100 questions as I tend to do they calmly and professionally answered every single question I asked without getting frustrated. It was a very pleasant experience. 

Never have I ever had an emergency situation occur where I have needed services. I'm glad someone sent me to SERVPRO because their service was incredible. They were quick and got the job done. Thank you so much to John and his team. 

Throughout my experience with SERVPRO of Cheviot Hills/Palms I was treated with the utmost respect. From the moment the receptionist answered my call I was spoken to in a very polite and kind way. From my perspective it really showed the humanity behind all the people working there. I will most definitely recommend them to others. 

SERVPRO of Cheviot Hills/Palms upholds their claim of making sure everything looks "Like it never even happened." John and Joann were very professional and polite throughout this entire stressful experience. Hopefully I never need their services again, but if I do I will call SERVPRO again.

SERVPRO of Cheviot Hills/Palms put my mind at ease when I was scared for my home. My home had a kitchen fire and SERVPRO came and essentially saved the day. Thanks to SERVPRO my house was restored and the kitchen looked even better then it did before.

100% will be recommending this SERVPRO to anyone who needs services. They respond quick and get the job done. 10/10!!

I'm at a loss of words. Incredible job and amazing response time. I can't imagine a better outcome. Thank you so much to Joann and her team. 

Wow, Wow, WOW. I contacted SERVPRO to come assess the damage done due to a flood in the bottom floor of my house. Soon after my call I was very pleased to meet Raffi who assessed the damage AND had a crew there in only 2 and a half hours to start working. I was SHOCKED at their response time. I expected them to just come tell me how much it would be and what had to be done it they began cleaning and pulling my personal belongings out. I was very pleased with the finished product and how professional and accommodating Raffi and his crew were. 

Your TRULY AMAZING team of John, George, and Fernando were complete SANITY SAVERS! They came at a moments notice - after the devastation of losing my entire home to fire (3 days before Christmas) + ALL I had left to salvage was my precious clothing collection (things from my mom, Grandma + PURE TREASURE to my broken heart.)

John ran the crew + was a tireless + compassionate God-send. I can't begin to re-count his MANY above + beyond actions; but he prevailed like a champ!! Helping, loading, tarping on a fire-cracked roof, never complained, working into the night (so did his wonderful crew), up a steep hill to the truck, + on and on. I would burst into tears throughout the day (for that John should get Hazard pay HA!), he would stop and give me positive affirmation + the will to go on!! We trust him and his crew, George and Fernando were wonderful, kind, and super Hardworking too. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I can't even begin to explain the professional atmosphere the people at SERVPRO bring with them from the moment they answer the first phone call. I was terrified for the well being of my home until a gentleman named Rafi assured me everything would be alright and that they had it all under control. Once Rafi and his crew arrived on the scene I knew I was in good hands. I was so impressed with their efficiency and work ethic. I truly felt as though they all really cared about the well being of my home. I look forward to doing business with them again and will most definitely be referring them to others.